Get a body like Jennifer Aniston

Ever wondered how Jennifer Aniston stays so lean in her 40s? How Cameron Diaz maintains her toned torso? And how Elle MacPherson earned her reputation as The Body? The simple answer is, with the help of pilates.

And it’s not just an exercise for the rich and famous, it can transform your body, too.

One of the best things about the pilates method is that it can work so well for so many people.

Most people take it on as a hobby. But it also has rehabilitative powers for injured athletes, people who suffer from back pain, and new or expectant mums.

Working your core is the backbone of pilates. The core muscles are the deep internal muscles of the abdomen and back. When they’re strong, the core muscles work to stabilise the body and support the spine. Not only will you tone up and build muscle strength, these exercises will also get rid of back pain and help the body to move more freely.

Pilates is a mat-based class, with one instructor. Your class will usually be filled with people of a similar ability. As you progress, some instructors may introduce small pieces of equipment to intensify the workout.

The Pilates Studio, Athlone is now enrolling for its autumn schedule of morning, lunchtime, and evening courses. Call or text (086 ) 0603986 to book your place.


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