A journey through the chakras

Learn how to heal and balance your own chakras with this introduction to the chakras workshop.

There are seven main energy centres in the human body, called chakras. Each of these chakras is connected to a part of the body through energy channels. Each chakra has its own characteristics. They are responsible for receiving and expressing energy in the body. They are storage centres for our life experience and affect us physically, emotionally, and mentally. The chakras can be experienced and felt using all the senses – smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing.

When the chakras are balanced, it brings the body, mind, and spirit into harmony, which strengthens the overall vitality and health of the body. With the world around us constantly changing, it is easy to get knocked off centre from time to time. Working on our own energy centres on a daily or weekly basis can help to keep our body healthy.

This workshop is an introduction to the chakras. You will work with the seven main chakras of the human body over seven weeks and learn the characteristics and qualities of each chakra. You will learn ways to balance the energy and remove blockages in order to heal your own chakras. You will also learn a chakra meditation.

Classes start on Wednesday October 2 and run every Wednesday evening from 7-9pm for seven weeks, concentrating on one energy centre per week. The cost of each class is €20. For more information on this workshop and for booking enquiries contact Kate Mullins from Achebusters, Athlone on (086 ) 4076430.


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