Just say NO to heart disease

NO is nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is vital to your body’s cardio wellbeing. Say NO to high blood pressure, increased risk of stroke, and increased risk of heart attack.

ProArgi-9+ contains L’Arginine which converts to NO in your body. NO is a powerful vasodilator, meaning it increases the diameter of the heart and helps prevent clots. ProArgi-9+ can help prevent and ease cardiovascular disease.

The benefits of L’Arginine

L’Arginine is converted to nitric oxide, which relaxes the blood vessels and regulates blood vessel tone and flexibility. L’Arginine reduces stress on the heart, improves circulation, and lowers blood pressure

It may prevent and ease circulation and cardiovascular problems such as varicose veins, leg clots, Raynaud’s disease, leg ulcers, erectile dysfunction, and angina.

L-Arginine is best known for its cardiovascular benefits and can relax blood vessels. L’Arginine can increase blood flow without the side effects associated with some prescription vasodilators, such as headaches and flushing. The benefit of L’Arginine was part of the research that led to three American scientists winning the 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine. By naturally dilating blood vessels, it can also benefit many vascular diseases including poor circulation. Research is ongoing to see if L’Arginine supplementation reduces the risk of heart attack.

Vast improvement

Whelehans have already had success with customers who have tried ProArgi-9+, with vast improvement in circulation conditions, in some cases life-changing improvement. L’Arginine is not meant as a substitute for proper medical assessment with your doctor and should not replace prescription medication. Ask in store for more details.

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