Nature’s balm - The Rub

All-natural herbal remedy ‘The Rub’ can be used to treat arthritic pain, back, neck, and muscular pain, trapped nerves, inflammation, gout, sciatica, tennis elbow, and burns.

Consisting of all-natural ingredients of herbs, oils, and salts, The Rub is an old herbal remedy that has been in Dorrie Killeen’s grandmother’s family for generations. The recipe was discovered by Dorrie in her grandmother’s old medical book, and has helped many people over the years.

Dorrie’s grandmother used to say, “For every illness, a herb grows nearby”. Over the years Dorrie has studied the science of herbs and nutrition and collected lots of old traditional remedies.

Here are some testimonials from users of The Rub:

“The relief I’ve got using The Rub is marvellous; I call it the miracle Rub” - Mary, Sligo.

“I was just able to walk using a stick with chronic knee pain. Now I get around easily with no stick, I walk up three flights of stairs to my room, with no lift, thanks to The Rub” - Patricia, Galway.

The Rub is available locally from McGorisks, Honey Pot, Cooneys, Cunninghams, and Concannons pharmacies in Athlone; Brodericks and Hollys Pharmacies, Ballinasloe; Whelehans Pharmacy and Nuts & Grains Health Shop in Mullingar; McManus Pharmacy, Clara; and O’Briens Pharmacy, Roscommon.

For further information contact Dorrie Killeen at (090 ) 9683616 or visit


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