Lose 10lb per month with celebrity slimming supplement

Whether we like it or not, when it comes to the perfect figure, we look to the Hollywood starlets for ‘thinspiration’. At the recent Oscars, there were very few bulges on display! While a lot of these A-listers are actually too thin, a slimmer, trimmer, healthier shape and size is achievable for us all, without the prerequisite of a personal chef and personal trainer!

While healthy eating and regular exercise are key, Therapie Clinic has discovered the celebrities’ secret weapon in the form of a 100 per cent natural weight-loss supplement. SlimFit works to not only curb your hunger pangs but also increases energy levels and kick-starts metabolism so that you start to burn calories and lose weight.

Even better news is that SlimFit is clinically proven to work. In the US, Oprah Winfrey’s Dr Oz called the key ingredient, African Mango, a “miracle in your medicine cabinet”, and Nicole Kidman has also been associated with African Mango. Nicole may be extremely slim but she is also super health-conscious, which is a further impressive recommendation.

African Mango, which is the key ingredient in SlimFit, along with other natural ingredients including green tea extract and caffeine, has been used for centuries to reduce and prevent obesity, treat infections, and lower cholesterol. African Mango also helps to control and regulate the hormone leptin, a hormone that controls hunger, which is key in losing weight. Most people report an average weight loss of 10lb in the first month followed by slower but consistent weight loss.

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