Create a healthy personality

I bet most of us probably believe that we do already have a healthy personality. A healthy personality is one that makes our lives much more enjoyable for us and others to enjoy. There are some ways to test just how healthy your personality to test yourself?

There are three main ways that we can develop a healthy personality.

1 ) You deliberately look for the good in people and circumstances. If when you meet people for the first time you tend to approach them enthusiastically and look for what is enjoyable about them, then you are helping yourself as well as the other person.

This is also true for circumstances you find yourself in. Do you tend to overreact at the slightest mishap or problem - or do you look for ways to move past your challenges and roadblocks?


2 ) You can genuinely forgive other people. This is usually a tough one to accept, because most of us have had experiences which we hold grudges about. The only problem with holding a grudge against somebody is that it really only harms us. The other person who 'done wrong' is already getting on with their life and is probably not sparing a thought for what has happened.

We all know how resentment feels - it is like a knot in the stomach - something we can't seem to get rid of and only grows the more we dwell upon it. The only way to get rid of this internal feeling is to genuinely forgive the person whom you feel has caused you harm or misfortune. Genuinely forgive and let the anger and resentment move away from you, you can visualise it leaving your body.


3 ) You can easily get along with different types of people. This one ties directly to the amount of self-esteem that you have. The more you like yourself the more people you are able to get along with in your life. And this means people from different backgrounds and with different opinions. If someone doesn't totally agree with you or tries to win you to their way of thinking, you are able to handle this in a calm and confident manner. You are grateful for their interest in you and thank them for their opinions.

So there you have it, three simple, yet powerful ways to create a more healthy personality. The benefit of following these steps is that you create more control and freedom for yourself. In a sense, your efforts to get along better with people actually free you from worry, stress, and unnecessary pressure that you may be experiencing.

Andy Perry, Life & Business Coach, Mullingar. Phone (087 ) 2797466.


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