Miracle slimming pill arrives in Ireland

After 30 years of scientific research, rigorous clinical studies, ardent testing, and incredible results worldwide, Capsiplex is now available in Ireland and exclusively at Therapie Clinics.

Capsiplex has been proven to burn up as many calories as an hour-and-a-half walking or 25 minutes jogging…that’s a slice of pizza or a burger or two chocolate biscuits!

The good news is that just one capsule a day is all it takes to dramatically lose weight. Weight loss is evident within one week of taking Capsiplex. There is no need for a super-strict exercise programme as you will start to burn up calories immediately. Of course regular exercise will speed up the process further and deliver even better results.

Top personal trainers have been recommending Capsiplex to their A-list clients and Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Brad Pit have all been spotted with Capsiplex!

Capsiplex is a 100 per cent natural slimming aid made up of capsicum extract (chilli pepper ), and small amounts of caffeine, black pepper extract (piperine ), and niacin.

The clinically tested and approved, and entirely unique, formula boosts metabolism, suppresses the appetite, and helps the body burn fat and lose weight, naturally. There are additional benefits in that capsicum not only turbocharges the metabolism, it is also proven to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Niacin is also incredibly important in weight loss as it helps to release energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins so that they are better utilised by the body.

Capsiplex is the world’s best-selling weight-loss aid for a reason and will change how we approach weight loss in Ireland forever. A slim, fit, and finely-toned body is achievable after all!

To order your month’s supply, drop into Therapie Clinic, Austin Friars Street, Mulllingar or call 1890 650 750 and they’ll pop them in the post to you!


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