For all your TV repair needs

O’Connors TV Repair Centre, Galway is the largest electronic repair centre for TVs in the west of Ireland. Indeed, O’Connors is the only regional repair centre in the West for the largest consumer TV brands including Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, JVC, and Walker among others. So if your TV needs servicing both under warranty and out of warranty, they can advise on the best course of action for you.

With a team of engineers many with over 30 years experience and a focus on customer service, their goal is to deliver quality repairs which save the customer money. Ronan O’Connor says: “In recent years people have become more conscious of money and also of not simply dumping electrical products. We have a successful repair rate of over 85 per cent, so many faults are repairable with the right expertise and equipment. O’Connors repair a range of products from old style tube TVs to modern LCD and plasma and LED flatscreens. We also repair VCRs, DVD recorders, games consoles, Sony Vaio laptops, and hi-fis.

“Our advice is to always check if it can be repaired before dumping; we give impartial real advice to our customers on whether any product can or should be repaired.”

For more information call (091 ) 778000.



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