American cash - Johnny Cash tribute show

On September 12 2003, the world lost one of its greatest music legends. Johnny Cash, the Man in Black, left a legacy of music that will last forever. Now that legend is brought to life when the band American Cash get on stage. American Cash deliver a truly powerful live tribute to the great man himself and his music and they play The Stables on Friday January 28.

Paul Flanagan heads up the band. Flanagan, a giant of a man standing 6ft 6in is a lifelong fan of the Man in Black. Singing since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, this year he set out to find some top musicians to form a fitting tribute act to the legend Johnny Cash. Flanagan says, “I was at a Cash tribute show in 2009, and it was backing tracks from start to finish. It was so false, I couldn’t believe it, especially after paying €25 for a ticket! So I set out to form an all live band that would keep the passion and integrity of Cash’s music alive.”

Flanagan has teamed up with Marc Oliver, a student of music in Dublin, and Dave McCune is the band’s drummer. Dave is also an accomplished music producer, and produced Joe Dolan’s last three albums and half turkey/half chicken Dustin’s last album! Big bass player is Simon Farrell, he plays with many bands, including Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club. The result is an all live, raw, powerful, and fitting tribute act to one of country music’s true legends. American Cash keep the sound, look, and feel as close to the real thing as possible. They perform all the main hits from the mid 50s right through to some of Cash’s last recordings.



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