Extend your expectations in hair

Revolutionary hair extension products that deliver exceptional results


Tape real hair extensions are new to the market and were developed with today’s increasingly busy lifestyle client in mind and are exclusive to MOHH salon, Athlone.

Their tape extensions technology delivers a full head of beautiful hair extensions in less than 60 minutes using the finest, lightest application strips. Handcrafted from natural hair, this unique product is available in 21 glorious shades including some party fun colours and is available in two lengths. Great to cut and simple to style, these inspirational extensions open up a world of opportunity. What’s more the speed of application makes them far more affordable for customers. Each application lasts up to six weeks, and even longer in well-maintained hair. After that point it can be gently removed, reapplied and restyled, providing a whole new lease of life and unbeatable value for money.

A deposit of €200 is necessary when ordering the hair.

Cost: full head application €550. September special offer: €485. Price includes deposit.

Remy clip-in

These real hair extensions are ideal for a special night out without any commitment. They are attached by small clips at the roots of your hair and blend with your own to make it look fuller or longer or both. They can also be used to add colour to the hair. It takes a few minutes to apply to the hair. When they are placed in straight hair they are sometimes personalised with a scissors or a razor to make them blend in with the shape already in the hair. They can be curled to match a curly blowdry or curly hair. They are removed easily before shampooing the next time. Clip-in extensions are temporary and are re-usable. A deposit of €100 is necessary when ordering the hair.

Cost: €170 including your blowdry and the cutting/styling of the extensions to blend with your own natural hair, price includes deposit.



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