Colour rebellion from No7

This autumn’s limited edition collection from No7 at Boots is all about bold colour and statement make-up.

Rebel against the usual bland autumn browns and beiges with the powerful colours of the Colour Rebellion Eye Palette. With indigo blue, purple haze, red lead, and chrome green, you can experiment with graphic primal sweeps of colour across the eyes. Richly pigmented and ultra-soft, these will more than satisfy your colour cravings.

Team with Smoky eyeliner and Soft Matte Lipstick in Nude or Deep Plum for a dramatic look.

The matte look is big news this autumn, and No7 have introduced a Stay Perfect Matte Top Coat to take the trend to your nails. Applied over your usual nail colour, this top coat gives instant matte effect with a satin-smooth feel.

Introducing Exceptional Definition Mascara

No7 introduce their most exciting mascara yet! Exceptional Definition Mascara (priced €16.50 but just €9 with your €7.50 off voucher ) has a revolutionary 3-in-1 wand for fantastic volume and definition.

The wand has three sides for the stages of application: the first side with long plastic bristles gives lashes maximum colour and volume.

The second side of the brush has short bristles to comb through lashes, separate and define, and remove clumpiness.

Thirdly, the brush tip is designed to finish off your mascara application, coating even the smallest of lower and corner lashes.

The flexibility of the wand makes colour easy to apply, with no clogging. New Exceptional Definition Mascara is available in two shades of black and brown-black.

There is a free No7 gift worth €45, full of essential treats in a travel-friendly purse, when you spend €30 in store at Boots. You can also redeem your €7.50 off voucher on a range of No7 skincare and make-up products.



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