Natural weight loss

There are many factors that can impact on your ability or inability to lose weight and it is important to address as many of these issues as possible when embarking on a weight loss programme, otherwise one can in effect be ‘pushing against the tide’. There is no magic pill, but with careful consideration of the factors below, a good plan can be put together.

Thyroid function, blood sugar balance, liver function, nutrient levels, allergies, and types of food eaten are all key factors in maintaining a healthy weight and need to be looked at if one has excess weight.

Simply reducing calories may seem logical but in fact it is not the ideal thing to do. The body has an amazing ability to adapt, thus a calorie restricted diet usually does not yield the required long-term result. If the calories are reduced, the body reduces its metabolic rate to compensate for the lack of energy (calories ) coming from food. When ‘normal’ eating habits are resumed this leads to an excess calories which leads to weight gain.

Good food choices

Wholegrains, in particular brown rice, oats, and rye, are recommended. In addition, beans, pulses, fish, lean meats, nuts, plenty of seeds, and of course lots of fruit and vegetables, are highly recommended. Avoiding all fats is not necessarily the best tactic when aiming to lose weight. Essential fatty acids have been showed to promote weight loss and a deficiency of these good fats would hinder weight loss efforts.

So choose good sources of fats, eg fish, nuts, etc. Cold pressed fats from these sources have been shown to improve metabolic rate, aid hormone balance, improve brain function, and promote good health in general.

Drinking plenty of water is a great way of assisting the body while on a weight loss programme and beyond.

Food allergies and weight loss

Identifying food allergies can be the missing piece of the jigsaw for those who have tried to no avail to lose weight. Certain foods, though they may generally be classified as healthy foods, may not suit certain individuals. Thus even though many feel that they are doing ‘everything right’ with their diet, they still report no weight loss.

It is sometimes not until an allergy is highlighted that the desired weight loss is achieved. Generally when these foods are eliminated weight loss is achieved very quickly. It you suspect a food allergy it would be beneficial to schedule an allergy test.

By Fiona Brewer, Wild Earth Natural Health Clinic, Mullingar. Fiona is a qualified naturopath, herbalist, reflexologist, kinesiologist, and massage therapist. For further information contact Fiona at (087 ) 9690936.



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