Canroe Hygiene - serving the Midlands for over 20 years

Managing director Oliver Foley started Canore Hygiene in 1987, working initially as a one man operation in the hygiene sector. Today Oliver presides over a company that employs 13 staff, and is recognised as a major player in the Irish hygiene market. It has been a long and eventful journey, but the company’s philosophy of concentrating on the highest standards of customer service has enabled it to grow and thrive, despite very challenging market conditions.

The company operates a fleet of vans from its own premises in the Mullingar Business Park, delivering a range of high quality goods and services to customers, primarily in the Midlands region, but also to customers in the Dublin area and as far afield as Cork and Donegal. But the heart of Canore’s business has always been firmly located in the Midlands and particularly around the Mullingar area. The central location of the town is a distinct advantage and the customer base is wide. The company supplies goods and services to businesses in the health sector, food processing and manufacture, hotel and leisure industry, schools, and many other areas. Canore is ISO 9001 compliant.

In addition to general hygiene services and products, Canore offers pest control contract services at very keen rates. This part of the business has expanded rapidly in recent years, despite the economic slowdown, to the point where it now comprises a major part of the company’s operations. Further growth is anticipated in this area.

Canore has become a major supplier to the health sector in recent years. Initially the company supplied (and continues to supply ) high-quality fire-retardant hands-free silent closing bins, bio-coated for increased infection control. These bins are also, incidentally, ideal for domestic use. The recent swine flu outbreak gave Canore the opportunity to supply hand sanitizing equipment to hospitals, nursing homes and doctors’ surgeries to facilitate better control of the outbreak. Many other products from Canore’s range are now supplied to the health care sector.

Membership of the Jangro Purchasing Group has enabled Canore to enjoy the benefits of large scale buying, giving the company access to the discounts that the bigger purchasers enjoy. The company is able to pass on the benefit of lower costs to its customers in the form of very competitive prices. Being part of Jangro also gives access to an extremely wide range of products, enabling Canore to cater for almost every customer’s needs. Everything from disposable plastic gloves to industrial floor polishing equipment is readily available from the warehouse.

The mood at Canore is optimistic, with the company looking to consolidate its position in the marketplace. Further expansion of the customer base and product range will form the base from which Canore hopes to expand in the future as the economy recovers.

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