Splash Graphics for high quality graphic design and a professional service

Whether you are starting a new business or promoting an existing one, Splash Graphics can add a fresh approach and a modern touch to your branding.

The Athlone-based business can help with graphic design, corporate identity, branding, print media, advertising, promotional products, and wedding invitations.

Logo design

Your company logo is the cornerstone of all your marketing and promotional material. An effective logo design can turn your business into a household name, after all familiarity is the key to growing your business. Splash Graphics can work with you to create a logo you love!

Business cards

Your business cards are the first piece of your marketing that you can hand to a new client. Make sure it makes a good impression, and a lasting one at that. If you feel that your card could to with a new lease of life, Splash Graphics can help.

Invites and cards

Holding an event? Get some eye-catching invites designed. Whether it’s a corporate event, birthday party, a baby announcement, or a wedding invite, their cards will leave no doubt in your guests’ minds that they are in for a great time.

Posters, flyers, and brochures

Posters and flyers can be used to promote anything. Whatever you want to say, Splash Graphics can come up with the perfect poster, banner, or flyer to say it. It is an inexpensive way to reach your customers and let people know what’s happening in your business. With Splash Graphics you will be sure to get your point across.


Having printed stationery shows that you are professional, and it creates a visual memory of your company. Make sure your logo is printed on all your correspondence. Your stationery should give the right impression. It should show that you mean business, you’re professional, and you’ve got it together.

For any queries regarding your business design contact Oona Herraghty at Splash Graphics on (087 ) 6234065, email [email protected], or log on to www.splashgraphics.ie


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