Major 10 day Ford promotion starts Friday

Ford is having a major promotion at their dealerships from today (February 12 ) to February 22 of this month. The company tells us that it’s the 10 best days to buy a Ford.

Ford say that it has €5m credit available for buyers over those days. And the Ford people say that they are also giving €1,000 towards the deposit on any new Ford approved for finance with Ford Credit during the promotion period.

And if you qualify for the government scrappage allowance, you get up to €1,500 off.

So if you're looking to buy a new car, this may be worth a visit.

Ford Ireland chairman and managing director, Eddie Murphy, believes the offer will give many motorists the confidence to enter the 2010 car market. “There is still a perception out there that banks just aren’t willing to finance cars,” he said.

“Through our bank, we’re ‘putting our money where our mouth is’, both in terms of making credit available, and also in sweetening the deal with a €1,000 deposit allowance,” Mr Murphy said. “Many customers who believed a 2010-reg car was beyond them will be pleasantly surprised to see it actually is do-able.”


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