Open weekend at your Volvo dealer

The full range of Volvo DRIVe models will be on display at a special Open Weekend and Test Drive event next Saturday and Sunday (February 6 and 7 ) at Volvo dealers throughout Ireland.

Volvo has one of the most comprehensive environmentally focused ranges of cars in the premium market with the DRIVe models. The DRIVe (pronounced Drive-e ) badge is applied to any model that has best in class environmental performance.

The full DRIVe range will be on display from the outstandingly efficient Volvo C30 DRIVe with Start/ Stop technology that produces just 99g/ km of CO2 and uses only 3.8L/ 100km (equivalent to 74.3mpg ) through the S40 & V50 DRIVe variants to the S80 & XC60 versions. The S80 is a large, luxurious executive saloon which in the DRIVe guise is fitted with a highly efficient 1.6 litre diesel engine. In recent road tests it has received excellent reviews both here in Ireland and abroad for its real world drivability. Falling into Band A for VRT it costs just €104 p.a. for road tax. The XC60 DRIVe is a front wheel drive version of Volvo's new family sized SUV with a Band D VRT rating resulting in a €447 p.a. road tax, a clear advantage when judged against the competition.

Special offers

There are a variety of special offers available for customers who place orders during the open weekend, including the stylish C30 from an amazing €19,995 when bought with the benefit of the Government Scrappage Scheme.

But even when the Government Scrappage scheme does not apply all customers can benefit from Volvo's enviro-enhancement package, which is worth up to €3,630, when purchasing one of the Volvo DRIVe range during the open weekend.

So whether you’re in the market to buy a new or used car or simply interested finding out about the new range of fuel efficient Volvo cars, then pop down to your local Volvo dealer and take a spin in a Volvo DRIVe.


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