Auditions for Irish film come to the Midlands

Fastnet Films is currently scouting for teenage and adult non-actors (ie no experience required ) to act in their drama feature film The Other Side of Sleep. They are looking for adults from the Midlands from the age of 20 to 75. The two teenage age groups they are interested in are 14-16 year-old girls and 17-20 year old boys.

The film is about a young insomniac factory worker living in a small community. This feature film is written and will be directed by Rebecca Daly, the acclaimed Irish director of Joyriders. The film is being developed with the assistance of the Irish Film Board.

As the main thrust of the casting process, Fastnet Films is scouting across the Midlands to look for men and women with the confidence and natural charisma to perform on film. The audition will include an interview with you on camera, where you'll be asked simple questions to record your accent and look to show the director and producer. These tapes will be used purely for audition purposes and will never appear in the public realm.

The open auditions will take place in Athlone in St Keiran's Community Centre on Saturday January 16 from 11am until 6pm and in Mullingar on Sunday January 17 in Mullingar Arts Centre from 12pm until 7pm.


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