Westmeath incomes fall behind national average

While disposable incomes in Westmeath remain in the mid-range, they have dropped slightly when compared with our national counterparts, according to the latest figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO ).

The figures for 2007 reveal that, in 2007, the average disposable income per person in Westmeath was €20,134, an increase of €847 on the previous year’s figure of €19,287. Incomes have been increasing steadily in the county since 2000, when the average disposable income in Westmeath was just €13,158.

However, when compared with the rest of the country, the figures reveal that while in 2003 Westmeath incomes peaked at 96.3 per cent of the national average, in 2007 they had dropped to just 92 per cent.

As expected, Dublin remains on top when it comes to individual incomes, with the highest level of disposable incomes in the country. In 2007, average disposable income in Dublin was €24,038, while the average across the country was €21,694.

The 2007 figures also reveal that, of the Midland counties, Laois came out on top with an average disposable income of €20,227, while the figures for Longford and Offaly were €19,401 and €19, 141 respectively.


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