22 months in jail after dealer runs out of chances

A man caught in possession of €7,000 worth of heroin a year and a half ago, was finally jailed for 22 months in the District Court this week (December 16 ) after 12 court appearances and “seven chances”.

Kevin Hourigan (20 ), with addresses at Iona Villas, Columbas Terrace and Castle Street, was arrested at a flat on Castle Street on July 5, 2008 in possession of the heroin and pleaded guilty to the charge over a year ago, on November 4, 2008.

Judge John Neilan noting the number of appearances Hourigan has had in court, mentioned: “He has had seven chances [bail] before”.

This included High Court bail which came with the condition of not using drugs.

“You signed a bond to this end. Thanks very much, that’s the end of that,” said the judge before sending Hourigan finally to jail.

“Can I have one more chance?” pleaded the defendant.

“No. You’ve had all the chances you’re getting,” said the judge.

Hourigan had a previous conviction for possession of cannabis.

He was sent down for two 11-month consecutive sentences and had bail set at €1,500.

The judge ordered the defendant get all available treatment and “be medically assessed and treated for all addictions”.


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