Man arrested for acting aggressively at Equestrian Centre

A 61-year-old Athlone man, who is living rough since his house burnt down, has been convicted of threatening behaviour.

Patrick Dunne was acting aggressively at Mullingar Equestrian Centre on May 31 when Garda Michael Daniels arrived.

He began calling the garda names, Inspector Keyes explained.

Mr Robert Marren said his client had been living with his elderly mother but his house burnt down and he broke his leg shortly after she died.

When he was released from hospital he had nowhere to go to and had been living rough.

He had not been intoxicated and had been causing no trouble but had simply “found himself there”.

Mr Dunne also lost part of his arm in an industrial accident in the 1970s.

“How’s the drink going for you?” asked Judge Neilan.

“I don’t touch it now at all,” said Mr Dunne.

“You’re joking,” replied the judge, asking if the last time he’d drank was the previous day.

Mr Dunne said it was five months since he’d taken a drink.

“Don’t go into a pub on the way home, so I’m not seeing you in the morning,” added the judge as he finalised the case with no order other than noting the conviction.

He also told him that if he found himself in trouble in District 4 to “consult Neilan solicitors”.



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