Four steps to softer, healthier hair

Beautiful well-conditioned hair will always be in fashion, but how do you get that well-conditioned look? Tired of my dry, lifeless hair and the toll the wintery weather has been taking on it, I popped along to MOHH at Arcadia Centre, Athlone this week to try out a treatment from the range of Joico K-Pak products.

K-Pak promises to give maximum results for naturally dry or chemically damaged hair. For a relaxing hour, I was treated to the K-Pak 4-step treatment, an exclusive in-salon process which reconstructs and protects the hair from the cuticle (outside layer ) to the cortex (middle layer ).

The treatment began with K-Pak Chelating Shampoo, an intense clarifying shampoo that cleanses the hair, removes mineral deposits and styling product build-up, and moisturises, allowing for an easy wet-comb.

Step 2 is the K-Pak Cuticle Sealer, which was applied to smooth and tighten the cuticle and reduce pH swelling to restore my hair back to its natural state. My hair was then wrapped in a hot towel and the product left in for five minutes, to allow the cuticles to be locked down and sealed.

Step 3 in the K-Pak treatment is the Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor, designed to enhance hair’s elasticity, strength and shine, while restoring its healthy condition. This, too, was left in my hair for a relaxing five minutes, and as it was rinsed out my hair already felt noticeably smoother and softer.

The final step is the K-Pak Intense Hydrator, which replenishes moisture and lipids to overly damaged hair to create shiny, hydrated locks. After the treatment my hair was styled and blow-dried.

True to its claims, the K-Pak 4-step treatment left my previously dry and damaged hair more manageable, softer, and feeling much healthier. It also looks more silky and shiny, an effect that has lasted since the treatment, thanks to the use of K-Pak’s home care Reconstruct Shampoo and Reconstruct Conditioner.

All the K-Pak products are delicious-smelling, and have a luxurious feel - an effect that was enhanced by a series of relaxing head massages as the products were worked into my hair at MOHH.

Joico K-Pak treatments and products are available from MOHH at Arcadia Centre and MOHH Hair Couture at Hodson Bay Hotel.


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