Must-know tips for looking after long hair

Get regular haircuts: Ok, so you don’t want to have your hair cut… so then have it ‘dusted’, ie just the very dead ends removed to stop it splitting right up the hair shaft. Have a blowdry in the salon and after it is dried it is easy for the stylist to see the split ends to ‘dust off’. This can cost as little as €10.

Shampoo: If you have to shampoo daily do so with a good quality ‘daily care’ shampoo like Joico. Give it one good thorough shampoo, and condition well.

Condition: Deep condition mid lengths of your hair - the longer the hair the older it is and the more it needs TLC. Try a monthly treatment like the Joico K-Pak.

Brushing: Brushing wet hair is a no-no unless using a ‘tangle teaser’. Wet hair should be carefully combed out from the bottom working up the hair shaft to remove knots.

Drying hair: Blast dry well to remove 70 per cent of the moisture before using a brush. Section off areas while drying so as not to overdry any one section.

Using hot tools: Spray with a hair protector like Joico before using straighteners or curling irons. Don’t over-use. Glide straighteners through the hair without stopping, to avoid overheating in any one area.

Supplements: Take daily vitamins to keep your hair healthy.

Frizzy, thick unmanageable hair

Try the fantastic LISSE Design 12-week blowdry to tame your unruly hair. It’s a must have product and very successful. Special offer in salon €140 including your home care products or with academy students €99 for the next three weeks. Now that is a fantastic offer!

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