New Lexus RX SUV Hybrid arrives

The new Lexus RX 450h hybrid goes on sale here this week. Lexus Ireland claim to have eight confirmed orders. With its low 148g/km CO2 emissions it is the only full-size all wheel drive to fall into tax band C (€302  Annual Road Tax ).  

As it is a full hybrid it can now drive for short periods on electrical power alone producing zero emissions (up to 4 km  at less that 45 km. per hour ). Lexus Ireland claim to have driven from Heuston Station to O'Connell Bridge on electrical power only. It says that this represents a huge technological leap forward for  a vehicle  in this category.  

Lexus also claim a 22 percent improvement in fuel economy to give a promised return of 45 mpg (or 6.3l per 100km ).

Lexus Ireland says that it is now adding a new Executive  grade of this RX Hybrid with a price-tag of €62,000. The company says that its customers can now enjoy all the benefits of driving an SUV or crossover without any of the social or financial pitfalls normally associated with these vehicles. I say: "that remains to be seen!"


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