Yngve stops off in Mullingar as part of whirlwind Irish tour

German-born and Irish-raised, Yngve Wieland has been simmering under the skin of the music industry since 2004. Growing up in rural Sligo in the 80s, his dad’s weekly blues sessions fuelled his interest in music. Fast-forward to adulthood and young Yngve has, amongst various headline appearances, shared bills with Jape, Katell Keineg, Nina Hynes, and Paul Weller, and has now released his debut full-length album.

Featuring a full band, guest musicians, and cover art by Dublin artist and musician Bennie Reilly, the album comes in a carbon neutral CD package consisting of recycled paper and a corn starch CD tray.

Since recently moving to London, Yngve has been busy rehearsing and gigging, with new band members (Ned Cartwright, Palmi Gunnlaugur Hjaltason, and his brother Demian Wieland ) coming on board. Recent shows in Brixton's Windmill and a four week residency in East London's George Tavern venue have quickly seen the quartet meld into a formidable live outfit.

The album, produced by Eoin Bailey, was recorded in Sligo with his band the Space To Be Yourself Collective; a concept which encourages an experimental approach, whereby musicians freely contribute to the creations. This endeavour has drawn together a talented motley crew of musicians, writers, artists, and singers and on 'Tell Men This' the individual sparks light up this creative cauldron.

Themes of childhood innocence, love, and loss of both are evident throughout the tracks. The faint aroma of melancholia lingers...and at times Yngve seems like a very young 'old soul'. He can be quite introspective, and occasionally cynical, but despite the thread of loss running through the songs, we are left with essentially uplifting melodies which warm the soul.

Yngve and the Innocent play The Stables, Mullingar tonight Friday July 24.


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