The best way to control cellulite?

Clarins’ new High Definition Body Lift, a little willpower and a little more cycling…..

After 48 months of research and development, Clarins introduces its fifth generation body lift treatment, using an innovative formula that is based on unrivalled expertise and an even greater understanding of cellulite-producing mechanisms.

Firstly, how does cellulite form?

- Adipose cells (fat cells ) swell due to fat storage.

- Capillary walls become excessively permeable causing localised accumulation of fluid.

- Inadequate lymphatic drainage slows the removal of excess fluid.

- Adipose cells cluster and are bound by collagen fibres, which further impedes blood flow.

- Connective tissue strands stiffen, pulling down on their anchor points. 

- The changes in blood flow, lymphatic drainage, fat, and connective tissue result in cellulite - a bumpy or dimpled appearance of the skin.

With its formula covered by three patents of Blue Button Flower, Baccharis, and Geranium, High Definition Body Lift:

- Stimulates the release of excess fats through two innovations: by facilitating the opening of the protein barrier which protects stored fats, and through caffeine, with optimised availability to help trigger the elimination of fats;

- Slows down the expansion of fatty tissues, the main cause of stubborn cellulite;

- Ensures a reinforced draining and firming action through better protection of the blood circulation and skin support fibres;

- Smoothes the skin on application and enhances its beauty through its moisturising and nourishing action.

It is most effective when accompanied by Clarins Self-Massage Body Contouring Method.

The result?

Beautifully enhanced skin that looks satin-smooth, firm and toned. High Definition Body Lift makes body streamlining more beautiful.

It’s a fact. With Clarins life’s more beautiful.

Clarins High Definition Body Lift is available now from McGorisks Pharmacy, Athlone.


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