Your metabolism is the master controller of your weight loss

What is your metabolism?

Your metabolism has many components, and the fat burning function of your metabolism holds the key to successful weight loss. Your thyroid gland, adrenal glands, liver, digestive system, blood sugar levels, and hormone balance are some of the key components of your weight loss metabolism. The health and functioning of these components has enormous control over how successful your weight loss will be and how much you will get from your dieting and exercise.

Shifting stubborn fat

Stubborn body fat, especially on the stomach, hips and thighs, is essentially ‘locked-in’ body fat. The metabolism of the surrounding area – blood flow, oxygen supply, toxin level, and hormone balance – has changed, making access to this fat very difficult. Combined with the fact that the actual amount of real fat that people burn is very small on most weight loss plans, you can see why people can never really shift stubborn fat.

Only combining the three keys can address both of these problems. The metabolism key helps to correct the environment around the stubborn fat and allows these fat cells to be accessed again. Now that these fat cells are receptive to change, a measured exercise and diet plan will break down the cells.

Re-balancing ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ heavy bodies

Your body type gives you an inherited metabolic disposition or tendency. It determines where you are most likely to put on excess weight. For example ‘apples’ tend to put weight on top easier and ‘pears’ put weight on hips and thighs easier. Problems only arise when your body type gets out of control and the metabolic disposition starts to over-accumulate weight in these areas. The fat cells in these areas and the surrounding environment are switched on to fat storage, and your ability to burn fat is reduced.

Re-balancing your metabolism is fundamental to re-balancing a ‘top’ or ‘bottom’ heavy body. You need to reverse the activity of the fat cells and the surrounding environment. Dieting and exercise will have very little effect unless you have fixed your metabolism. Fix your metabolism and you can comfortably lose up to a stone in six weeks.

The ‘x factor’ of weight loss

Having the know-how to fix your metabolism and having an exact food and exercise plan that is perfect for your body is one thing, but everyone needs the motivation and support to them on track. A System10 programme is fully balanced and includes detailed meal plans, but the ‘x factor’ is the weekly personal consultations. Keeping yourself motivated and enthusiastic is an essential element for anyone who really wants to lose weight.

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