Hyperbaric Oxygenation - paying your oxygen debt!

People often ask how can hyperbaric oxygenation help with so many different medical conditions and injuries.

The answer is basic science. Cells require oxygen to metabolise and create the energy needed to fuel your body. This is particularly true when it comes to healing as oxygen is an extremely important factor in all aspects of this process.

In 2019, the Nobel prize for medicine was awarded to three scientists who demonstrated the detrimental effects low oxygen levels can have on cellular function, therefore solidifying the importance of having healthy oxygen levels throughout the body.

Generally, normal breathing conditions are sufficient to provide the body with enough oxygen. However, when an injury occurs regardless whether the cause was disease or injury the demand for oxygen within the body increases. Oxygen is needed for the body to reduce inflammation, enhance your immune system and to send the appropriate messages throughout the body to promote healing. These are all requirements for healing and recovery irrespective of the underlying cause.

Inflammation is present in the majority of injuries and disease and can further reduce the oxygen delivery to cells trying to recover. The reduction of inflammation following hyperbaric oxygenation further demonstrates how it is beneficial for so many conditions.

So, in summary, hyperbaric oxygenation pays the oxygen debt created following injury at a cellular level. This promotes multiple responses from the body that promote healing and regeneration which in turn benefits overall health and recovery.

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