What to expect when you are expecting new hair - aftercare process at Tir na nÓg Clinic

Hair transplant surgery involves thousands of tiny incisions (little cuts ). The blood around these little wounds needs to thicken/clot and dry over to form a scab, like any cut.

The experts at Tir na nÓg Clinic therefore recommend you do not cover the treated area at all during this initial phase. In order to dry out, the wounds need fresh air exposure. Without it, not only will healing be delayed, but some of the hairs may come loose.

The experts at Tir na nÓg Clinic do not endorse the use of steroids or preventative antibiotics - some clinics upsell/prescribe these and other products such as expensive shampoos and treatments positioned as after-care. Extensive experience realises no benefit using any such products with the simplest and fastest route to recovery encouraged at Tir na nÓg Clinic.

How Tir na nÓg Clinic Can Help

Dr Kevin McDonald at Tir na nOg Clinic sees patients back in the clinic after one week where he will remove the scabs and inject PRP (platelet-rich plasma ) treatment. This is treatment follicle fertiliser!

Patients return for reviews at six and 12 months. Regrowth of the hair typically starts around four months post-surgery, with full regrowth by 12 months. In the interim, patients have unlimited access to Dr Kevin and the team. All follow-up care is included in the package provided, there are no hidden costs.

All patients feel comfortable and informed so they can enjoy their new lease of life. Tir na nÓg is a family run business and prides itself on offering excellent treatment and value for investment.

You can fill out an online consultation form at www.tirnanogclinic.com/consultation for free. Prices range from €2,000 to €4,000. Call 01-8489159, WhatsApp 086-8755979, email [email protected], Instagram / FB @tirnanogclinic for further information.


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