Best countries to visit if you’re vegan or vegetarian

Veganuary has become bigger and bigger and in 2022 there were over 620,000 people from all around the world taking part in the challenge.

Although veganism and vegetarianism are growing in popularity, sticking to a plant-based diet is still quite tricky in some parts of the world where eating meat is the norm and veggie options are limited.

The greatest countries for vegans and vegetarians to visit have adapted to this new lifestyle, are promoting new vegan cuisines and offer a large selection of vegan restaurants.


It is not difficult finding vegan or vegetarian options in India, as approximately 30% of Indians follow a plant-based diet. It’s a dream destination for foodies who wish to take their taste buds on an adventure. The entire country is full of food markets and restaurants that offer diverse and richly-spiced authentic dishes.


Israel’s capital city Tel Aviv is also known as the ‘vegan capital of the world’. The prevalence of vegans has transformed the city’s culinary scene into a plant-based haven. It’s bursting with delicious vegan-friendly eateries where some of the best food in town can be sampled.


Taiwan has the third-highest percentage of vegetarians per capita after Israel and India. In addition the government heavily promotes vegetarian lifestyle, so it’s not surprising that veggie-friendly food is easy to come by when visiting Taiwan.


Although Germany is known for its traditional sausages and schnitzels, veganism is on the rise as Germans are enthusiastically embracing plant-based diets. Germany is kicking its meat consumption by becoming a leading producer of meat substitutes.


Poland has gone through a vegan revolution in recent years and its capital Warsaw is now considered one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. There are more than 950 restaurants in Poland that cater to a vegan clientele and the capital city’s renowned veggie burgers are considered one of the best in the world.


Australia has one of the fastest developing vegan markets in the world and in the last decade, the number of people shifting to plant-based diets has doubled. With popular fast food restaurants adapting to veggie-friendly menus and tons of fully vegan restaurants popping up, there are plenty of options for vegan travellers.


American cuisine is very much meat dominated, with burgers, hot dogs, BBQs, meaty pizzas and fried chicken. However, all of these classic American dishes can easily be accommodated to a vegan or vegetarian diet by substituting meat. Plant-based diets are soaring in popularity with veganism having increased by 600% in the last three years.


Thailand is a great place to get fresh fruits, vegetables, noodles, and rice meals that are ideal for a vegetarian or vegan traveller. This country has huge local markets for fresh produce, plus over 1500 vegan restaurants and cafes.


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