Slimmers are truly sparkling this Christmas season and New Year!

Kerry Browne, a Slimming World St Kieran's Community Centre member, who has shed four stone since joining the group

Kerry Browne, a Slimming World St Kieran's Community Centre member, who has shed four stone since joining the group

A local slimming group are looking forward to this Christmas season and a 'Happy New Year' after achieving their weight loss goals in 2022.

Members of the local Slimming World groups dreamt of a light Christmas and a great start to 2023 when they embarked on their seasonal slim last autumn and now their winter weight-loss wishes have come true. They were determined to enjoy their best Christmas and New Year ever and show everyone that it’s possible to lose weight with Slimming World, no matter the time of year.

The slimmers set themselves mini targets to achieve by December 25. During the week, in group, they hosted a 'Christmas Cracker' of a party to celebrate their success in achieving their goals and staying on track throughout the festive period.

“I’m extremely proud of all of the slimmers. Last autumn, we asked everyone to think about what they wanted to achieve by Christmas – what would be the best Christmas gift they could give to themselves this year and I encouraged them to write it down to make it more real for them.

"Everyone’s wishes were different, from weight loss targets like losing a stone or reaching their target weight to fitting into a certain outfit, being able to do something with their family for the first time or feeling good about themselves. Whatever it was, it reminded members how important their weight loss was to them and helped to keep them focused throughout the run up to Christmas," Pauline Bliss, who runs the groups in St Kieran's Community Centre, Tormey Villas, said.

“The weeks leading up to Christmas are extremely busy for most of us, extra occasions and commitments can play havoc with our regular routines making it harder than ever to manage our weight. Keeping active when the dark, cold nights close in can be a challenge too. Each week in our group we share recipes, advice and ideas for coping with potential pitfalls, from Christmas parties to shopping trips, and, by sharing ideas and keeping each other motivated, our members have been able to stay on track and reach their goals," Carol Doran Joyce, who runs the group in Ballybay Hall, stated.

“I love Christmas and New Year and I was determined not to have another year of feeling uncomfortable and out of place at family gatherings and parties with friends. I can’t believe how different I feel and I haven’t had to do anything drastic either, just make small easy changes to my eating and activity levels. I’ve learned how to make healthy choices and I know I’ve got the tools to be slim for life, so I’m confident I’ll be able to keep it up throughout 2023 and beyond.

“It’s reminded me that you don’t have to miss out on anything, including festive fun, when you’re losing weight with Slimming World. It’s been really enjoyable too – I wouldn’t be without my new friends at group each week now. I feel happier, healthier and full of confidence – it’s the best new start I could have given myself for the New Year," member, Kerry Browne, who has lost a fabulous four stone since joining Slimming World, commented.

“While everyone else looks forward to Christmas, at Slimming World we always joke that we look forward to January because we love welcoming new people to our group and seeing them discover that they can lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived – and celebrating with them when they do.

"Our Food Optimising eating plan is based around satiety and energy density – eating foods that are best at satisfying your appetite and have fewest calories per gram of food – so you learn how to make healthy choices and lose weight – and keep it off – without feeling hungry. There’s no such thing as a ‘quick fix’ when it comes to losing weight and Slimming World has always offered sustainable, long-term weight loss, so it’s definitely the best choice for anyone wanting to get slim for life this January – and to have a great time in the process," Yvonne Briscoe, who runs the groups in the Shearwater Hotel, Ballinasloe, remarked.

“If anyone is thinking of embarking on a weight-loss journey this January, Slimming World is definitely the place to be. We have over five decades of experience helping millions of people lose weight. The year will get off to a sparkling start, with everyone who joins Slimming World from December 25 to January 13, and signs up for five weeks of Slimming, receiving a week free and our new cookbook, 'Fast Feasts', worth €7.95 free as well, so there's no better time to join," Sinead Morris, who runs the groups in The Shamrock Lodge Hotel, concluded.


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