Halvey & Associates continuing to provide business essential supports for SMEs

Shirley Halvey of Halvey & Associates

Shirley Halvey of Halvey & Associates

Specialising in providing business essentials for SMEs, Shirley Halvey established Halvey & Associates in November 2020.

“We have over 20 years of experience in General Management, Project Management, Business Consulting and Coaching, offering our support to any business, whether in the start-up phase or established, confidently engaging with them in the knowledge that we have the expertise to deliver on their individual requirements.

“We provide a ‘hands-on’ action-focused approach that will support businesses in overcoming any challenge they may have and guide them in finding practical solutions. By providing a fresh perspective to business owners we have become a trusted third party to many companies,” Ms Halvey said.

Targeting small and medium sized enterprises, Halvey & Associates offer valuable assistance and guidance to those who may not be able to employ full-time staff to carry out certain functions. Clients of Halvey & Associates value the companies understanding of how a business works day to day, their ability to listen to the concerns of the business owner and the solutions they bring to their business. They have become their client’s accountability partner and someone who tells them what they need to hear, not always what they want to hear.

Halvey and Associates work across a broad spectrum of business areas including services, retail, manufacturing and eCommerce.

“For example, an eCommerce business that is in their third year of business experienced unprecedented growth during the pandemic. We have worked with them over the past six months setting up structures within the business, planning and getting away from the firefighting that they had been struggling with. We now have weekly meetings and this helps keep the business and the business owner on track.

“Another client who has a service-based business recently lost a key member of staff due to ineffective business practices. The business owner was fully aware of these failings but lacked time to get policies, procedures and a clear business strategy in place. We conducted a business review and identified the areas the business required guidance on. Now the business has a clear stragery, goals, sales targets and time lines for compilation of agreed goals.

“We have a wholesale and retail client we work with on an ongoing basis and we manage their key projects. These projects include working on obtaining ISO accreditation, reviewing energy consumption, implementing cost savings measures, marketing and sales strategy and working with Enterprise Ireland on securing funding for future projects,” Ms Halvey added.

Halvey & Associates offer consultation on how to streamline your business activities and formulate appropriate strategies to enable business growth and profitability.

“Looking forward to 2023, we anticipate a challenging business environment globally but with proper planning, structures and goals in place it may be your best year yet in business,” Ms Halvey concluded.

To find out more on how Halvey & Associates can help your business please email info@halveyandassociates or visit their website, www.halveyandassociates.ie


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