All new Juke Hybrid fuels Nissan’s charge towards electrification

All new Nissan Juke hybrid

All new Nissan Juke hybrid

Nissan’s shift towards electrification continues to gather momentum with the recent launch of the new Nissan Juke Hybrid.

The Japanese carmaker says that the arrival of the Juke Hybrid is the next chapter in it’s ongoing charge towards an electrified future, following hot on the heels of the launch of the all- new Nissan Ariya 100 per cent electric crossover, and new Nissan Qashqai mild hybrid.

Nissan boasts that the new Juke Hybrid has rewritten the rules in its segment to deliver an EV-like drive experience. It starts in 100 percent electric mode and can reach speeds of up to 55kph in pure EV mode thanks to an advanced multi-modal hybrid powertrain which prioritises fuel efficiency, responsiveness and a harmonious drive.

It adds that the new powertrain has been specially designed to complement the already agile, dynamic personality which has proved so popular with customers of the internal combustion engine (ICE ) version of the Nissan JUKE. The sporty coupé crossover design remains with some small changes to optimise aerodynamic efficiency.

Nissan claims that the new Juke trumps traditional hybrids because of the complex amalgamation of ICE and battery power, the it’s intelligent drive system has been tuned to maximise the amount of time JUKE spends in EV mode, giving drivers what they appreciate the most.

Adding that while the system will automatically maximise EV usage, the Juke Hybrid is also equipped with a dedicated EV mode switch which can be used when drivers do not want to leave the engine running, such as in traffic jams, in residential areas, in built up areas around schools or in car parks.

Nissan tells us that the Juke Hybrid powertrain consists of a new generation, state-of-the-art combustion engine specifically developed for working in a hybrid powertrain application. It produces 69 kW (94hp ) and 148Nm of torque. The main electric motor produces 36kW (49hp ) and 205Nm of torque. It claims that the net result is a powertrain providing 25 per cent more power than the current petrol engine option, with a claimed fuel consumption reduction up to 40 percent in urban cycle, and up to 20% over the combined cycle. The figures are subject to being confirm officially.

As with the fully electric Nissan Leaf, the JUuke Hybrid is equipped with Nissan’s e-pedal, enabling the driver to launch, accelerate and decelerate using only the accelerator. A 7-inch combimeter screen displays visual reminders when e-Pedal and EV mode are activated. It also shows all the different energy flows in a simple and clear animation, maximising driver understanding of the how the system is operating.

The boot space is 354 litres. With rear seats folded, boot space remains the best in class with 1,237 litres, while rear knee room remains unchanged at 553mm. Nissan tells us that it has also introduced all-new two-tone 17” alloy wheels as well as the Nissan Ariya-derived two-tone 19” aero wheels for visual impact and efficiency.

“Nissan is charging towards an electrified future and building upon a decade of EV expertise. We are paving the way to a sustainable future and we are committed to ensuring that 75% of our sales mix will be fully electric by 2023.

“The move towards EV driving is well and truly underway in Ireland and Nissan continues to lead the way. We make switching a whole lot easier. Our expertise and growing range of electrified vehicles enables drivers to make a fully informed choice that is right for them, no matter where they sit on their journey towards 100% electric driving and a more sustainable future,” Seamus Morgan, Managing Director of Nissan Ireland, said.


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