Drivers requested to always remain aware of passing motorcyclists

The Gardaí and the Road Safety Authority are appealing to motorists to be aware of and to look out for motorcyclists at all times.

The appeal is being made as a worryingly high number of motorcyclists have died so far in 2022, a total of 11 motorcyclists being been fatally injured. Five of those alone were killed in March.

Drivers should expect to encounter motorcyclists on the road more often now and throughout the summer period. They also need to understand that motorcyclists have less protection in the event of a crash and so are many times more vulnerable.

A factor in collisions involving a motorcyclist and a driver is when a car or van turns or drives through a junction, joins a main road from a minor road, fails to observe, and ends up colliding with the motorcyclist.

Therefore, it is critical that drivers look out for motorcyclists especially, at junctions, at intersections, when turning onto a main road and when changing lanes.


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