Sustainable driving now a prominent pioneering feature in classic MINI car

Originating from a dedicated team at the MINI car factory in Oxford, sustainable driving is now being created in a classic car.

An electric motor for the original Mini combines tradition with pioneering technology - all in the spirit of circular economy.

The original Mini launched in 1959, created during an oil crisis and based on the idea of saving fuel and transporting four occupants and their luggage in the smallest possible footprint. Today, Mini remains connected to the design principles with its creative use of space and driving fun. The Mini Recharged project is an opportunity to continue telling the story of the classic Mini in the 21st century, in a sustainable way.

The electric conversion of classic Minis combines traditional values with future-oriented technology. The idea was born even before the brand had the Mini Electric on offer. A one-off, classic Mini Electric was built in 2018 and presented at the New York Auto Show.

The reactions were so positive that a dedicated team from Mini Plant Oxford set to work and developed the plan to make a corresponding offer available to customers who own a classic Mini, Pricing and further technical information will be announced when launched later this year.

To experience traditional go-kart handling with an emission-free drivetrain, the original petrol engine of the classic Mini is replaced by a modern electric drive. During the conversion, Mini Recharged makes reversible changes to the substance of the vehicle. Careful handling of the car’s historical heritage is an important part of the concept. This makes it possible to restore the classic Mini to its original condition at a later date. During the conversion, the original engine of each vehicle is marked and stored so it can be reused in the event of a future retrofit of the classic Mini.

The Mini Recharged project means a vehicle’s life can be extended in a sustainable way. A classic Mini can now be given a new lease of life, accompanying its owner into the future, whilst maintaining its much-loved heritage.

The drive is a modern electric motor that generates a continuous output of up to 90 kW and accelerates the electrified classic Mini from zero to 100 km/h in approximately nine seconds. The energy is supplied by a high-voltage battery, which can be charged with an output of up to 6.6 kW and enables a predicted range of around 160 kilometres.

In addition, every electrified classic Mini from Mini Recharged receives the characteristic central instrument cluster, which now displays the drive temperature, the selected gear, range and speed.

The Mini Recharged fans gain a whole new driving experience; a silent drivetrain with instant acceleration and the ability to enter the electric or low-emission driving zones such as in London.

Mini says that the Recharged fits seamlessly into the brand’s future strategy, which also includes the aspect of circular economy. For this project, no new vehicles are being produced, instead they are being created from much-loved, existing cars. It allows a classic Mini to begin a second, more sustainable life. Today, one in five new Mini models has an electrified drive. Now, the Mini Recharged project will allow the brand’s classic vehicles to become an experience of the future, whilst still bringing joy from the past.

Finally, this bespoke up-cycling of the classic Mini is carried out exclusively in the UK. Each converted vehicle is given an individual number, making it unique.


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