Easytrip customers reminded to update new car registration details

Mobility solutions specialist, easytrip, Ireland’s only electronic parking and tolling tag provider, is reminding motorists who are planning a purchase or sale of a vehicle during the 221-registration period to update their easytrip account details to avoid receiving any unanticipated toll charges.

With the SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry ) highlighting a 19 percent increase in new vehicle sales for 2021 compared to 2020, sales of new and used cars are expected to grow, anticipating a positive year for the motor sector.

In addition to enabling toll payments, the easytrip tag can be used to pay for parking and car washes, providing a safe and easy payment solution for motorists that reduces card touch points or cash handling.

There are two potential scenarios that can lead to drivers recieving an unexpected toll charge:

Purchasing a new vehicle: if a driver bought a new vehicle and transferred the existing tag to it but forgot to update their easytrip account details. This presents a potential risk if the driver has travelled through the M50 toll plaza as the new vehicle registration is not connected to their tag account meaning the driver may receive a toll bill (billed at the higher rate ) and a penalty charge for the journey.

Selling a vehicle: if a driver has sold their vehicle and inadvertently left the tag in the car and has not updated their toll tag account. This presents a potential risk as the new owner may continue to use the tag at toll plazas, resulting in a toll journey or multiple journeys being charged to the original owner’s tag account.

“While January continues to be a popular time for buying and selling vehicles in Ireland, we would like to remind customers who are selling their car to remove their tag from their old vehicle and update their account details as soon as the change of ownership has been processed.

"This will reduce the risk of any unexpected M50 toll charges or penalties arising. In the current environment our cashless electronic payment tag is a safe and convenient solution for motorists to facilitate the payment of toll charges. The easytrip tag can also be used to pay for on and off-street parking and even to wash your car, giving motorists the option to pay in a safer way as we progress through the pandemic," Colin Delaney, CEO of easytrip, stated.


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