Sinn Féin launch motion to ensure redress for Mica/Pyrite families

Constituent Sinn Féin public representative, Deputy Sorca Clarke, has confirmed that a motion will be brought before to the Dáil by her political part to support home owners affected by the Mica/Pyrite scandal and ensure they get 100 percent redress.

“Families whose homes are crumbling around them have been failed. The Mica/ Pyrite crisis is a legacy of the light touch regulation and reckless practices of the Celtic Tiger years.

“The government in Dublin has been aware of this scandal and for far too long has not been listening to the families affected. Expecting people to cover percentages of costs under circumstances such as these, where families have already made sacrifices to buy their homes in the first place, is nothing short of heartless.

“Families affected deserve support but instead they have been abandoned by this government.

“These families deserve nothing less than 100 % redress and Sinn Féin will continue to stand up and support them until they get it.

My colleague, Teachta Eoin O Broin, will bring forward a motion to the Dáil next week to ensure 100 percent redress for people affected so that they get the support they need and deserve.

“Our motion also calls on the government to ensure that those responsible for this scandal are held to account and that the industry contributes to the overall costs of fixing this.”

“I urge all TDs to support this motion in the interest of fairness and accountability,” Deputy Clarke stated.


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