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The most common problem is condition. If the condition of the hair is not good it will lead to a variety of problems such as split ends, colour fading and of course lack of lustre and shine. The remedy first begins with the shampoo and conditioning products you use. Firstly they must be designed for the hair type you have, ie, fine, thinning, dry/brittle, greasy, normal, coloured, or chemically damaged.

When asked about their choice of shampoo some women say that they use whatever shampoo is in the shower at the time. Wrong answer! Would you trust your husband or partner to purchase your face cleanser and moisturiser? Most women question what they use on their face so why not what they use on their hair?

Firstly invest in a good quality shampoo. There is no point investing in expensive treatments and conditioners if you don’t begin at the first level which is the shampoo. Like building blocks of a house, shampoo is the building block of keeping the hair in condition. The next step is to feed the hair with either a protein or moisture treatment product, depending on what is required for your hair type. This is very important. It is useless loading the hair with a moisturising treatment if what it needs is protein.

The best moisture treatments are done in conjunction with an electric steamer which steams the product into the hair and are quite relaxing to have done. Follow this with conditioner and a nice head massage and you will see and feel the difference in lustre and shine. Remember regular conditioners only work on the surface of the hair shaft. They smooth down the cuticle layer of the hair and even out the porosity levels along the hair shaft. For example a long head of hair could have a normal condition at the root area but it could change as it goes towards the ends of the hair to a dry and brittle condition.

To avoid split ends it is advisable to have a regular conditioning treatment and haircut. Split ends do not disappear; the hair just continues to split up along the hair shaft. You should never brush wet hair as this is a sure way to ‘tear’ the hair shaft. Why? Because hair stretches when wet and it is therefore at its most vulnerable state and should be dealt with gently. When drying the hair avoid using harsh nylon brushes. Buy good quality combs and brushes. Use straighteners, tongs and heated rollers only when absolutely necessary. On long hair use a finishing product that seals down the cuticle layer of the hair which will protect it from humidity and static also. Well-kept and well- conditioned hair is always beautiful and in fashion.

We will be glad to recommend a shampoo, conditioner or treatment which will specifically suit your hair.

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