Enhance your home cooking experience with the George Foreman Fit Grill Collection

Enhance your back to school cooking experience with the George Foreman Fit Grill

Enhance your back to school cooking experience with the George Foreman Fit Grill

Back to school has never been easier with the George Foreman Fit Grill Collection.

Set to transform cooking experiences, this versatile grill reduces prep time making it easier to create healthy dishes for the whole family.

Available in three sizes (S, M and L ), the collection offers everything you’ve come to expect from a George Foreman Grill, including vertical storage and brilliant cooking results, but with 30 percent reduction in footprint and 160 percent faster heat up speed. With an improved non-stick grill coating, the Fit Grill distributes heat evenly, ensuring superior cooking results every time. And with angled grilling plates and a built-in drip tray to reduce fat and support a balanced diet.

Modernised with embossed grill lines and bold branding, the latest Fit Grills have been designed with great food in mind. From sizzling steaks and seared vegetables to hearty paninis, they offer a healthy way to prepare a variety of tasty, low calorie meals, while preserving every bit of delicious flavour.

The Fit Grill Collection is designed to fit into your everyday life; it’s small, light, and easy to clean - without compromising on premium grilling performance. Updated with a new premium look and feel, the grill comes in a stylish shiny black design with matte finishes. The Fit Gill is guaranteed to make a style statement in any kitchen and help you eat well more often.

George Foreman’s newest addition to its grilling family responds perfectly to the shift towards healthier, sustainable and hassle-free eating, making it an ideal choice for today’s consumers.


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