Gerry Croffey’s Garden Machinery - chainsaw season is upon us

We might be in the midst of a global pandemic, but not even Covid-19 can stop chainsaw season in its tracks.

“With debris from Storm Ellen still covering the countryside, never has there been a more important time to have your chainsaw, generator, and leaf blower serviced, so they are ready-to-hand when needed,” said Gerry Croffey, owner of the multi-award-winning Gerry Croffey’s Garden Machinery in Killure Castle - five minutes outside Ballinasloe.

“For those looking to buy new or upgrade (trade-ins are always welcome ), we recommend Stihl to farmers and professionals (from €270 ). For the more casual user, Gardencare and Zomax are a fantastic option (from €190 ).

“We also have a wide range of battery-powered chainsaws, blowers, long-reach hedge-cutters, and strimmers.

In over 30 years working in the garden machinery business, Gerry Croffey says the main problem he sees over and over again when it comes to machinery not starting or working correctly is stale petrol.

“People use petrol that has been stored in a damp shed for months and then put it into their newly serviced chainsaw, lawnmower, or power equipment,” Gerry said. “It can completely destroy the carburetor, which is costly to repair or replace.

“It’s best practice to keep petrol for three weeks from date of purchase or use an additive such as Briggs & Stratton’s Fuel Fit (from €7 ) which would allow people to store their petrol for up to seven to eight months or Aspen (from €6 ), which can be stored in a machine or in a clean container for up to four years.”

Gerry Croffey also sells and services robot mowers, tractor mowers, lawnmowers, go-karts, trampolines, power washers, and sweepers. The company also has an array of second-hand and hire machinery. For more visit


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