Athlone Flim Club set to screen ‘At Eternity’s Gate’

Athlone Film Club will screen the ravishingly tactile and luminous film 'At Eternity's Gate' in the Dean Crowe Theatre on Tuesday, October 15, at 8pm.

Directed by Julian Schnabel, the film, which stars Willem Dafoe, Rupert Friend, Oscar Isaac, Mads Mikkelsen and Mathieu Amalric, takes a fresh look at the last days of Vincent van Gogh, and in the process revivifies our sense of the artist as a living, feeling human being.

Schnabel, his co-writers Jean-Claude Carrière and Louise Kugelberg and cinematographer, Benoît Delhomme, strip everything down to essentials, fusing the sensual, the emotional, and the spiritual.

And the pulsing heart of 'At Eternity's Gate' is Willem Dafoe's shattering performance - his Vincent is at once lucid, mad, brilliant, helpless, defeated, and, finally, triumphant.

The Athlone Film Club screening is supported by RTÉ All Ireland Drama Festival.


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