Blackberry Hearing - what the customers say

Blackberry Hearing was established in 2015. John Ryan and Dave Gleeson, the founders, drew on their long business experience to provide quality solutions at the best prices with exceptional customer care.

“We built the business from scratch around the principles of affordability, transparency, quality and customer care”, says John. “How do we know we have succeeded? Because our customers tell us.”

Blackberry Hearing has accumulated hundreds of validated customer Facebook comments on their website Some of these comments are below and all comments may be viewed on the Blackberry Hearing website.

Peter Finnegan: “I bought my hearing aids from Blackberry Hearing five weeks ago. They are fantastic. Firstly, they are almost 50% cheaper than some of their rivals. I dealt with a wonderful girl called Rhea in Ashbourne. These hearing aids have made such a fantastic difference to my life. I cannot recommend Blackberry Hearing highly enough.”

David Stewart: “Very professional lady in Wexford, Rita, made a relaxing atmosphere. Totally explained the procedure, after the hearing test recommended a hearing aid to suit my hearing loss. Never once did I feel uncomfortable. I felt totally relaxed, never under pressure to purchase. Thank you Blackberry Hearing.”

Mickey Gill: “Blackberry hearing aids company are the best and most inexpensive aids on the market compared to other providers - and great after care service. I would recommend Blackberry, they have made my life easier to hear (forgive the pun ).”

Breda Gallahue: Guys, this hearing aid is brilliant. I just recently got one off Blackberry, great service and brilliant after care, so anyone that wants a hearing aid, this is the place to purchase one.”


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