Celebrating one year of helping people achieve their dreams

Carol’s Slimming World group is celebrating one year since opening in the Hodson Bay Hotel and have now just opened at a new location for the new year in Kiltoom Parish Hall in Ballybay.

“Slimming World changed my life and now I am enjoying helping people to change their lives. I joined Slimming World over four years ago as I was overweight and very unhappy with my size. I couldn’t believe all of the food I could enjoy while still losing weight! Slimming World’s food optimising plan is not a diet, it is a healthy eating plan. It is about making small changes to how we shop, cook and eat. It encourages us to fill up on delicious healthy foods and never go hungry. I lost over two and a half stone and have kept it off too.

“I am so proud of my members as we have had some amazing results. In 2018, my members shed an amazing 3347 pounds, that’s over 239 stone!”

Thirty seven members have made improvements to their health by losing ten percent of their overall weight and have earned a ‘Club 10’ award. So far we have also helped 25 members achieve their dream target weight. These members are not only healthier, happier and now have more energy but are now free to attend Slimming World for life! They have learned how to enjoy their food without going hungry and have an occasional treat so they won’t feel deprived. Most of them are way more active than ever before too and have found a new zest for life!

Slimming World is suitable for both women and men, including diabetics and expectant mums. The group also welcomes young people between 11 and 15 free with an attending parent.

Weight loss does not have to be boring or a chore. It can be an enjoyable experience with like-minded people in a caring and supportive environment.

The Slimming World group meets every Saturday morning at 9.30 to enjoy a tea or coffee, celebrate successes and share recipe ideas, hints and tips with each other as well as having a bit of fun too.

A warm welcome is assured and support to help you achieve your dream target weight. If you had past attempts at weight loss and did not succeed please don’t give up. Contact Carol on 0866006866 or come along on Saturday morning. A healthier new you for 2019!


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