Final two weeks of summer specials at Bikram Yoga Athlone

Don’t miss out on Bikram Yoga Athlone’s summer special offers that are available for the next two weeks only. So, if you have never tried yoga, or always aspired to do so, hopefully this is the little push that you need.

The 10 Class Incentive is back! Buy a 10 class card for €115 and get three extra classes free. Valid for 10 weeks. Or buy three months Unlimited Yoga for €270 (normally €400 ).

Incentive and unlimited offers end on July 31 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

You do not have to be strong or flexible to do yoga, that is what the yoga is going to give you. We have three different types of hot yoga classes on offer.

The Bikram Class is a 26 yoga posture sequence with two breathing exercises. Every posture is done twice, opening the body in the first set and then potentially aiming for depth in the second set. Each posture is done with precision in mind, working to maintain the correct alignment of the body.

You achieve this by working on both strength and flexibility in every posture hoping to maintain the natural range of motion of all the joints and soft tissue. This class is suitable for all levels and is the one that beginners should attend first.

The BYA Mix is a new 90 minute hot yoga class using some postures from the Bikram class as well as a lot of new ones. More hip openers and upper body strengthening. A dynamic energetic class not suitable for beginners. It is great for preparing you for the Hot60.

The Hot60 is a faster paced class lasting only 60 minutes. A high energy class with postures only done once. We would advise people to do at least five to 10 Bikram classes, to get time to learn the finer details of each posture, then do a few BYA Mix classes before coming to the Hot60.

As well as the summer specials the introductory offer is always available for first timers. For all details log on to and check the News Section or contact Tricia on 086 3763363. You can also like us on Facebook at Bikram Yoga Athlone.


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