Making the most of your garden space this summer

Not all of us are blessed with large, spacious gardens to cultivate but with a touch of creativity and a lot of improvisation, any garden space can become a sanctuary.

The reality is that many of us are forced to make the most of small patches at the back and/or front of our homes. However, this does not mean that we cannot take pride in and make the most of the space available to us. The key word here is ‘improvisation’. Here are some methods to get the most out of whatever patch you have at your disposal.

Raised beds: Raised beds are one of the most efficient ways to garden if you are lacking space. Many plants along the edges of the beds grow so that they hang over the sides, freeing up space on top to plant delightfully colourful fruits and vegetables.

Vertical gardening: If you are prevented from planting outward, then gardening vertically is always an option. Vertical gardening means you can take advantage of far more than just the horizontal surfaces around you. As an added bonus, vertical gardening makes tending to all of your plants far easier.

Upside down: If you are going to try vertical gardening, then you may as well throw in some upside down planters to provide balance. Hang some quirky upside down planters here and there to save using up all your ground space. Again, these are ideal for fruits, herbs, and vegetables - all things that will bring character to your garden space.

Tiered planters: Make the most of the space at your disposal with an attractive tiered garden planter. Not only do they add texture and depth to the garden, but they look great filled with a mixture of vines and shrubs.

Hanging baskets and pots: Hanging baskets and pots are a must if you are in a position where space is at a premium. No matter how small your garden is, you will always manage to find space to hang a basket or two. Try to vary the plants you use in order to give your garden space that burst of colour it needs.

There you have it - some simple tips that will really jazz up your garden space, however big or small. Remember, it is what you make of it, so do not be afraid to get creative. Happy gardening!


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