Slimmers donate clothes to raise funds for charity

Generous slimmers across Athlone, Clara and Tullamore have raised €1,380 for charity by donating the clothes they have successfully slimmed out of!

Some 46 bags of clothes, shoes and accessories have been collected as part of the ‘Big Slimming World Clothes Throw’, held at Pauline and Sharleen’s Slimming World groups.

The bags were donated to Irish Cancer Society shops in the area as part of the national fundraising drive being run by the weight-loss organisation. Each of the filled bags is worth around €30 to the charity.

Slimming World aims to raise awareness of how keeping a healthy weight can reduce the risk of developing some types of cancer.

Sharleen, who runs the Clara and Tullamore Slimming World groups, and Pauline, who runs the Athlone Springs Hotel Slimming World groups, are delighted to have raised so much money for charity.

Sharleen said: “We can’t quite believe how many bags we managed to collect. We knew our members were amazing but we didn’t expect such an incredible level of effort. Wow!”

Pauline said: “When our members lose weight, I see more than just a physical transformation. Above all, I see their confidence bloom. Many go from nervous and shy new members who are very uncomfortable with the way they look, to confident, healthy and happy individuals with a new lease of life and a twinkle in their eye.”

With the help of removing negative feelings of guilt around food, participants get to enjoy the Slimming World’s healthy eating plan, food optimising, and find a place they can talk and learn about a healthy lifestyle in a comfortable environment.

“Members also make friends in group, they celebrate success together and they are there for one another through the more challenging times too. Many of them have so much energy thanks to losing weight they get more active; Walking, swimming, dancing, the list goes on! I’m so proud of how our group come together,” said Pauline.

Groups like Slimming World help many lose the weight they want in a healthy and safe way, reducing the risk of many health problems, including cancer.


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