World MS Day events to raise awareness

Multiple Sclerosis Ireland is pleased to announce that World MS Day 2018 will take place on Wednesday, May 30 to raise awareness and support people living with MS in County Westmeath.

MS is the most common debilitating neurological condition affecting young adults in Ireland. The theme of World MS Day this year is ‘MS Research: bringing us closer to ending MS’.

More than 9,000 people in Ireland are living with MS with thousands more family members affected. Three times more women than men are diagnosed with MS. There is no known cause or cure. MS Ireland branches around the country will hold World MS Day events locally.

In the lead up to World MS Day 2018, people can raise funds for MS Research and vital services, helping to ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS’. This is about raising awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and supporting MS Research as well as funding vital services that reduce the impact of MS including physiotherapy, general support services, and newly diagnosed seminars.

Throughout the month of May, supporters are asked to ‘Go Red’ and to ‘Wear, Dare and Share’: to wear red or hold a ‘red day’, dare to get sponsored for an MS Ireland sky dive or fire walk, and share with friends and family to spread the word. Text ‘KISS’ to 50300 to donate €4 and nominate others to take part.

As part of the campaign Ireland is joining forces globally to create an ‘MS Squad’, a global tribe of ambassadors who stand together in solidarity to support people and families living with MS. Everyone is encouraged to ‘get their game face on’ and join the MS Squad in solidarity with people living with MS.

MS Ireland research studies in Ireland include physiotherapy-led exercise and education programmes in University of Limerick and the study of Myelin, the protective layer coating nerves in the brain, in the National University of Ireland Galway.

#BringingUsCloser is about connecting people affected by MS with those involved in MS research, including scientists, students, nurses, fundraisers, volunteers, and more. It is a chance to come together to celebrate what has been achieved in MS research so far, and share hopes for the future.

For information on World MS Day events around the country visit or


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