Create a cosy workspace at home

Like it or not, today’s flexible working environment is seeing many more of us work from home.

As a result, creating a space for a home office can be matter of necessity as much as choice.

For some, giving up the slog of commuting to work in a less pressurised environment comes easily. Others find home-based distractions all too tempting, or they miss the camaraderie of colleagues.

Leading lifestyle brand Neptune has put some thought into this, and has come up with some top tips on how to create a productive work zone within your home, which will also help separate your professional life from your personal.

If you are blessed with plenty of space, perhaps you can commandeer a spare room as your home office. Not everyone has that luxury. If that is the case for you, select a quiet spot where you are least likely to be disturbed.

It is surprising how easily an underused space, such as a hallway, landing, alcove or a little bit of bedroom, can be turned into an office area. Consider investing in a freestanding work station. You can also make a workstation within another room by allowing the furniture to create the focus.

A statement desk topped with handsome accessories such as a task-style desk lamp will help to define a clear workspace.

Being organised keeps your mind clear and investing in shelving provides storage space that is easily accessible.

Think beyond the practical. Your home office needs to be a space you enjoy, not one to be merely endured.

Add some personal touches, perhaps a family photo, some cushions or throws, to make it more comfortable, or maybe even one of Neptune’s Bronte or Christie scented candles to sooth you.

It seems the secret to the successful home office lies in creating a space that feels cool, calm and collected, so that your mind and your work follows suit.

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