Mayo election candidates urged to prioritise dementia

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland has launched its General Election 2016 campaign ‘Vote to Remember’ as it reveals the numbers set to develop dementia nationally will jump by 11 people a day to 68,000 by the end of the next Government. Currently there are people in 1,835 Mayo living with dementia, by the end of the next government that will have increased to 2,569.

The Vote to Remember campaign on urges candidates to make dementia a political priority, and asks for the people of Mayo’s support by visiting the website and contacting their candidates directly in relation to dementia supports.

Dementia is one of the most serious health and social care challenges facing Ireland today. It affects every community, every family and must be a priority in the new Programme for Government. The Irish health and social care system is failing to adequately support people with dementia and their carers where they need it most, in their own homes and communities.

Although the cost of dementia care ranks higher than stroke, heart disease and cancer combined, healthcare spend for dementia continues to be substantially lower than these conditions. The National Dementia Strategy published in December 2014 was the first step in changing the lives and hopes of people with dementia in Ireland. It is due to have a crucial mid-term review in 2016. Findings from this must be used to develop a revised and reformed dementia strategy. Critically, this new Strategy must be properly resourced with ring-fenced funding for dementia.



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