O’Boyle concerned about young people not getting car insurance

Independent candidate Gerry O’Boyle

Independent candidate Gerry O’Boyle

Ballyhaunis native and independent general election candidate Gerry O'Boyle said this week he has great concerns for young people trying to obtain car insurance.

O'Boyle said that, "our youngsters are being hammered into the ground when they contact insurance companies for car insurance quotes. I know of young people getting quotes from €2,000 euro to €6,000, which is crazy this day and age considering our economy. A lot of these young people are on apprenticeships and are on below the minimum wage and some are only getting travel expenses. Most of these young people need their vehicle to travel to work. This is putting severe pressure on youngsters that want to work but ridiculous car/van insurance quotes are hindering them. It's putting a lot of pressure on parents of these youngsters also having to help pay insurance for these youngsters and they against the wire themselves."

He went on to say that "as an independent candidate in Mayo for the general election, I have great concerns for these young people, they are been hammered into the ground and how do we expect to see these young people stay in our country when they are not given a chance and are been rail-roaded by our government and insurance companies.

"I as an Independent candidate in Mayo do not want to see our youngsters leave our country. encouraging them to stay we should be as we soon won't have youth left in this country. They have been given no chance in life here to encourage them to stay in our country."



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