Brush-up programmes to combat summer maths loss

Research confirms that students experience significant learning loss during the summer months, and this applies more to maths than it does, for example, to reading. This is because parents see fewer opportunities for mathematical thinking outside of the classroom. The research also suggests that this loss for the most part, involves procedures rather than general concepts.

At FCL Galway you can combat the “summer slide” and use the summer holiday to get on top of a tricky topic by enrolling in one of the tailor made brush-up programmes.

For the months of June and July these programmes will allow students to brush up their knowledge in some area of their maths course which may be causing them difficulty. FCL deals with students from first class to second year in secondary school. Particular areas which might be causing a problem include:

Addition and subtraction tables.

Multiplication tables.

Division and division with remainders.

Fractions decimals, and percentages.

Algebra - directed numbers.

Algebra - forming expressions.

Algebra – writing and solving linear equations.

Algebra – simultaneous equations.

FCL can assess a student’s knowledge in any of these areas and propose a suitable scheme of work for him/her.

The cost of the brush-up programme is €195 for eight weeks' tuition, to include initial meeting and assessment, study plan, weekly class, homework provided for every day, and final assessment.

Book your place by contacting Frank Murphy on 086 372 4617 or 091 635678 or at [email protected]. Places are limited in each class.



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